Manage Projects

Coordinate employee, contractor, and partner activities. Create recurring tasks, schedule calendar appointments with leads or contacts, and link them to projects in just one click. Assign tasks & project to employee and keep track of their work hours using timesheet. View Gantt chart of tasks & activities within project.


For repeatable processes in your organization, it's easy to create a templated set of tasks and events and apply them across multiple projects. Intelligently set dates on tasks and events in an activity set based upon a number of days in the future or past of a specific date. Attach activity sets to pipeline stages so when you advance to the next stage of a pipeline task owners are automatically notified of what needs to be done next.


Create and track milestones in projects or assign tasks to milestones. If dates shift, AcuSales can automatically move task due dates inline with milestone.

Workflow Automation:

Automate your project processes and keep things moving by utilizing workflow automation. Setup multi-stage workflows to start when almost anything happens in AcuSales - like a project progress being updated or a task being completed. Automatically send out emails, update records or create and assign tasks to others.

File Sharing:

Your projects generate lots of files from lots of different people, and having those files inside the project record in AcuSales keeps everyone on the same page - no matter where those files are stored. Files from Dropbox, or even uploaded straight to AcuSales, can be saved with your projects so nothing is left out and everyone knows where to go to find the latest information.

Discussion & Support:

Create discussion with customer and employee within a project, whenever new comment has been made, everyone in the discussion is notified so you don't miss any details. Create support tickets related to project so you can track request coming from project.