Accelarate Sales

Capture Leads Anywhere:

AcuSales can help you capture more leads, no matter where they come from. Add lead capture forms to your website, turn emails into new leads, or import new leads.

Lead Routing:

AcuSales tracks the most relevant lead information, including a rich activity timeline of marketing campaign, source, communications, and tasks. Assign leads to the right person, in real time, so sales reps follow up on the right leads while they're still hot.

Leads Management:

Accelerate the sales process at every step so you can see at a glance the last actions on an opportunity, as well as next steps for moving every deal forward. Send off proposal & estimates to leads with just one click. Be alerted when a customer opens or clicks an proposal or estimate, flow the leads from one state to another with a simple Kan-Ban, all from within a sales opportunity.


Complex multi-step business processes can be modelled and automated with AcuSales. Assign task to your employee for the specific leads, add reminder so that you don't miss an opportunity and make an attachment so that you can get every single details of the lead at one place.